Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Exercise 4: Sharing Hobbies

Read and write.

Dear Hong Lee,
        In your e-mail, you asked me how to keep a rabbit. Let me tell you how to do it.
        First, get a hutch. You can buy one from the pet shop or get your father to make you one. A simple one will do. Make sure that it is big enough for your rabbit. Put a bowl in the hutch for water. Clean the hutch every week. Dry it in the sun before putting your rabbit in.
        A rabbit likes to eat carrots and green vegetables. Do not give it meat or fish. Remember to feed it twice a day. Take it out of the hutch during feeding time. Let the rabbit run about in your garden. It is fun to see it running here and there.
        Do let me know how you are keeping.

Your friend,


1. What did Hong Lee ask Kana?

2. What does a rabbit eat?

3. What is the home of a rabbit called?

4. What is the bowl in the hutch for?

5. How often must Hong Lee clean the hutch?

1. He asked Kana how to keep a rabbit.
2. It eats carrots and green vegetables.
3. It is called a hutch.
4. The bowl in the hutch is to keep water for the rabbit.
5. He must clean it every week.

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