Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Class Activity: Last letter

This is a great activity for students at any level. I did this in my class and the outcome was good. No extra materials are needed except whiteboard pen or chalk. The objective of this game is to revise vocabulary that the students learnt previously.

Before the game starts, teacher should divide the class into groups of 5 students or more. Then, he or she can let the groups to decide their group name. After that, the teacher write down a total of 5 different words on the board if there is a total of 5 groups, and 6 words for 6 group, and 7 words for 7 group, and so on.

The progress of the game is same for all groups. Therefore I am using only one group as an example. Now, I write WELCOME for group A. Then, the first student must write a word that starts with the last letter of previous word, which is E. So, he writes ELEPHANT. The next student then come and starts with the letter T. The game continues until one of the students fail to come up with a word in 5 seconds or repeats a same word.

Keep the game going until there is only 1 people left per group. Then these winners from their groups come together and start the final round. The flow of the game is same, just that these students are the best in their respective groups. The game ends when there is only one student left. He or she is the winner of the game.

Now that you understand how it works, go try it in your classroom!


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