Monday, 3 December 2012

Places Outside The Home

Over the previous lessons, you learnt to talk about things in your classroom and home. Today we will learn about places outside the home. During the weekend I am pretty sure you will go some other places other than school. I hope you did not just stay at home and play games all day long.

Now if people ask where did you go during your holidays or weekends, can you tell them clearly? Let us read the passage below.

Last Sunday, Ramli went to stationery shop to buy some pens and papers. After that, he went to the bookshop to buy some new books. Before he went to a restaurant to take my dinner, he turned into the bakery shop to buy a loaf of bread. Ramli also bought some snacks and biscuits in the grocery shop before he head back home.

So he went to quite a number of places. Do you know what are them? Stationary shop is where you buy your stationery such as pencils, rulers, pencil box and papers. Bookshop is where you buy reference books, story books, dictionaries and other books. Restaurant is where you pay to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bakery shop is where you buy baked goods such as bread and cake. Grocery shop is where you can buy different kinds of foods.

There are a lot more places that you should already know. Below is a list of places and I hope you can take your time to look up for them in the dictionary or internet one by one.


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