Sunday, 7 October 2012

Class Activity: Corners

This is a fun activity to play before starting the class. I love doing it.

First, set a theme for the game. In this example, I choose to design each corner of the classroom with the polite and manner theme. There are four corners in the classroom so I put the polite words PleaseSorryThank You, and Excuse Me in each of them. Then, the students and teacher all gather in the center. Refer to the picture below to understand better.
Now, let the game begins. The teacher has to close his/her eyes. When the teacher says Go! and starts to count from 1 to 5 or 10, the students run to any of the four corners. While the teachers eyes are closed, the teacher chooses a corner, for example Thank You. The students who are at the Thank You corner are all out. This is the end of first round. 

Start the second round with the same process (the teacher says go, then chooses a corner, and then eliminates the students). Continue this process until only one student is left standing. The ultimate winner is this student, or if everyone is eliminated (possible if the teacher picks a corner with all students standing in it), then teacher is the winner.

To make game more interesting, teachers can try to call out a word or phrases related to the corners instead of simply saying the name of the corner. For example, teacher asks, I say this when I received a gift from my parents. What did I say?. The students should answer with the correct answer which is thank you in this example. Then, the students who stand in the Thank You corner are eliminated.

Try this game in the class, it is fun!

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