Sunday, 14 October 2012

Exercise 2: Good Manner

Read the dialogue below.

Angela : Hello, may I speak to Melissa, please?
Ronnie : I am sorry, she is not in. She has gone to the library. May I know who’s speaking, please?
Angela : I am Angela, her classmate.
Ronnie : Would you like to leave a message, Angela?
Angela : Yes, thank you. Please tell her to bring her badminton racquet to school tomorrow. I will bring the shuttlecocks. We must be in T-shirts and track bottoms. Oh, I almost forgot. Please remind her to bring her English grammar book too. I’d like to borrow it.
Ronnie : All right. i’ll pass her the message.
Angela : Thank you.
Ronnie : You’re welcome.

Now use the information given to complete the message.

        Your classmate, (1)________________, called while you were at the library. She reminds you to bring your (2)_________________ to school tomorrow. She will bring (3)_________________. You must wear your T-shirt and (4)_________________. Angela also asks you to bring your (5)__________________. She wants to borrow it.

1. Melissa
2. badminton racquet
3. the shuttlecocks
4. track bottoms
5. English grammar book

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