Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sharing Hobbies

In previous lesson, we have learnt the way to make new friends. Also, we know that telling and asking hobbies of others is a good way to develop better friendship. In this lesson, we are going to learn how to share hobbies with others.

First of all, why share hobbies? We already know that hobby is an activity that one does during free time. Although hobbies such as collecting stamp and taking care a pet can be done alone, sometimes hobbies require more than one person to make it works, for example playing badminton or chess. Therefore, it is important to share hobby with one another so that the activity can be carried out. Nevertheless, a good relationship between you and your friends can be developed through the activity done together.

Besides getting more friends through sharing hobbies, it can help you to utilise the time when you hangout with your friends. When it is raining outside and you cannot go out to play, you can always take out your collection and share it with friends. For example, you can show your friends your stamps from Malaysia, China, India and many other countries. It is even better if you can tell them about the people and places in those countries. Sometimes, there are pictures of flowers, birds and insects on the stamps. You can ask your friends if they can tell what is the name of object in each picture. Moreover, you can trade stamps with friends who collect stamps too if you have extra copies.

How about sharing hobbies through internet? Sometimes your friends or cousins might be not around you but you can contact them through email. The example below shows you how to send your friends or cousins an e-mail about your hobby. Try it!

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