Thursday, 4 October 2012

Good Manner

Before this, we learnt about polite words. Do you still remember them? Read the article below and try to fill in the blanks with the most appropriate polite words.

Before the assembly, teacher Sue was looking for someone to help her to arrange the chairs. “Kamal and Rashid, (1) ______ help me to arrange the chairs. ”said teacher Sue. “Sure, teacher. ” said the boys. When they were arranging, Kamal accidentally stepped on Rashid. “Ouch!”Rashid yelled. Kamal quickly said, “I’m (2) ______.” Rashid replied, “It’s okay, I’m alright.” They continued to arrange the chairs and it was done in fifteen minutes. “Well done boys, (3) _______ so much. ” said teacher Sue. The boys smiled and said, “You’re most (4) _________, teacher.”

Answers: (1) please (2) sorry (3) thank you (4) welcome

Very well, you surely know how to deal with people politely now, don’t you? Now, what if you need something from someone but he or she is not around? Do you know how to leave a proper message on a paper? Let’s see the example below.

Marcus teacher’s birthday is tomorrow. He is going to organise a party for her. He goes to Macy’s house to ask her to bring some cakes, buns, fruits and drinks to school. However, she is not at home. Therefore, Marcus leaves a message and asks Macy’s mother to pass to Macy when she get home. The message is shown in the picture over here.

As you can see, the message must at least have two names. One is yours (author) and another one is the receiving party’s name(s). The message should be short and simple but understandable. Firstly, write the name of who are you addressing to, then the message, and end it with your own name. You can use nickname too if the person who gets the message know who is it. Although you are not talking to people directly, but do use polite words when you are writing a message. Do you understand now? Give yourself a try with the exercise below.

Tomorrow is your first day to school. You want to remind your best friend, Beverly, to bring some pencils, pens, rulers and erasers to school. However, she is not at home when you arrive at her house. Therefore, you have to leave a message and pass to her through her father.

Write a message to Beverly. Ask her to bring some pencils, pens, rulers and erasers to school.

How was the exercise? Easy isn't it? Remember, always use the magic words: please, thank you, may I, sorry and you're welcome when you are talking with people directly or indirectly. That’s all for today, see you!

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