Sunday, 21 October 2012

New Friends

Hi everyone. We have learnt to behave politely when we are talking with other people. Today, we are going to learn about introducing yourself and making friends. Your are in primary school now and I hope you are making a lot of new friends. In future, friends could be the one that are closest to you. 

Now, how do you make introduction when you meet new people? Firstly, remember to say your name. Then, followed by some basic information about yourself. And then end it with some polite greetings. For examples:
Hi, my name is Joshua. I am nine years old. It is nice to meet you.
Hi, my name is Siew Ting. I am nine years old too. It is great knowing you.

So if you and your new friend get along pretty well, you can start new conversation with other topics. It is preferably to talk about matters that can help to understand each other better, such as hobbies. By discussing hobbies, people tend to find their similarities and develop a better friendship. Before you get to know hobbies of others, firstly you need to know yourself better.

What is hobby? It can be defined as an activity that is done regularly in ones leisure time for pleasure. Examples of hobby are collecting stamp, keeping cats and playing badminton. So what do you do when you have free time? Do you play sports or take care of your pets? One often has more than one hobby to keep their life interesting. I hope you know what is your hobby now. Let’s learn to talk about hobbies and ask others about their hobbies.

Hello. My name is Peter. I am nine years old. My hobby is keeping pets. I like keeping cats and rabbits. How about you? What is your hobby?

Hi there. My name is Richard. I am nine years old too. My hobby is collecting things. I like collecting stamps, coins and key rings. 

This is my friend, Shella.
Her hobby is playing games.
She likes playing badminton, netball and chess.

How is the conversation? Do you get the idea now? Practice more between your friends to talk about hobbies. When you meet new friends next time, remember to ask them about their hobbies too.

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